A new chapter begins for WORLD CARGO TRADERS today, as we welcome back ‘Nick Lamport’ as our new General Manager.

Nick had a fantastic time working overseas for the last year, fulfilling an amazing career opportunity and it’s with this extra knowledge that we welcome him back on board to oversee our growing business.

Nick has extensive and valuable expertise in the freight industry, and we are excited about integrating his vast array of skills and exploring new ideas and possibilities for the growth and management of our company. The freight industry has seen many changes over the years with the implementation of the internet, changing the way businesses are run, and it’s important as a progressive company that we stay on top, and up to date with the most efficient and effective ways to best serve our clients.

As we welcome Nick with open arms and open minds, we say farewell to Andrew Hayes, who has given us many years of loyal service, and we wish him every success as he departs the freight industry to develop his skill set on a different career path.

~ Mareta Dewitt